Monday, September 10, 2012

Photo Gallery: World Wonders

Photo: Train on the Landwasser viaduct in Switzerland

Italy and Switzerland: Track Star

Aspirations of the mid-19th century adventures in the Swiss Alps, sinuous valleys, majestic peaks, abundant scenery seemed to have One missing is an efficient way to go. Rhaetian Railways of Albula (1904) and Vernis beginning of the line (1910) to open a remote domain has reached the 196 overpass and the legs 55 a series of tunnels with a previously unattainable.
narrow-gauge railway, and trademark red train quickly link to other locations, Tirano, Italy has passed. As a result, Switzerland's St. Moritz (St. Moritz), 1928 and 1948 Olympic Games, culminating active winter sports scene, respectively. Jack Helfenstein, who lives in Lake Zurich Tony through the Swiss resort Vernis will advise riders to remain on the board. "Glaciers and snowcapped through the Bernina massif next leg is spectacular." Since its debut in continuous use in the click clacking on the part of the jet-set travel tracks provide an antidote.

Their products, and other UNESCO World Heritage Site of National Geographic Traveler August / September 2012 issue, in the "Wonders of the World" 2012 is equipped with.

Photo: Great Blue Hole in Belize Barrier Reef

Belize: Life Aquatic

Million of Australia's Great Barrier Reef (Great Barrier Reef) the size of the second, 237,962 acres Belize Barrier Reef system of seabirds, 500 plus fish species, manatees, the American marine crocodile infested mangrove cays, coastal lagoons and coral reefs of the water area is. The Great Blue Hole is equipped with a cobalt abyss. In 1971 Jacques Cousteau Calypso sailing here can unlock the mysteries of the formation and depth mapping mission. 150,000 years ago, a series of start geological changes, he has been determined to be penetrated by the huge stalactites and vary depending on rising sea levels created 412-foot-deep cave. In the decades since, the damage to the delicate coral reefs scuba diving things I've taken Vibrant coral reefs along the "no ildoyi not compare with the feeling of swimming with whale sharks," says granddaughter of National Geographic Explorer Alexandra Cousteau, the famous French Voyager. "But proper planning, development and rapid human expansion Belize Hello threat."

Their products, and other UNESCO World Heritage Site of National Geographic Traveler August / September 2012 issue, in the "Wonders of the World" 2012 is equipped with.

Photo: Aerial shot of Monticello

Virginia: Renaissance Land

Thomas Jefferson When traveling, he collected wine books and will change the flow of history is the idea. Nowhere brighter than the farm house from Jefferson's University of Virginia's academical village in the Monticello, Virginia's rolling Piedmont (Piedmont) region do not have the electricity of his imagination. Monticello, to pay homage to Palladio and the Old World neoclassical architectural "Leslie Green woman running the estate, said the president of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation. Beyond the founding father of the plan of the ancient roots was, however," the adaptation of his young country's invention of a practical signal. Monticello, completed in 1809, debuted at the round window, skylight, and the dome room design. A knack clothing rack from rotating wine dumbwaiters, mothadeonreul Jefferson. "He and Monticello for a piece of the mountain to take advantage of the views to the terrace and the porch of the Venetian," Bowman says. He also pioneered the fertile lands around his estate in the wine-growing. These experiments small bore fruit in his lifetime, but today, the Virginia wine industry thrive and live in Jefferson Lab.

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